About Us

The Osteria “Il Porcellum” awaits you in Bagno Vignoni in the frame of the charming “Piazza delle Sorgenti”, a sixteenth-century bath containing a source of hot spring water coming from a groundwater subterranean volcanic steam. Piazza delle Sorgenti is not only known for its hot springs but also for being the movie set for several films like “Nostalghia” of the Soviet director Andrei Tarkovsky Arsen’evič, “Al lupo al lupo” by Carlo Verdone and more Newly “La scuola più bella del mondo” by Luca Minieri.

Stefano and Marino, longtime friends, united by the same Contrada’s faith and passion for the kitchen decided in April 2014 to create the Osteria “Il Porcellum” where the atmosphere is homely and rustic albeit in a refined and attentive to the tradition. Their idea was precisely to create a place that recalls the old taverns of the past where we would meet for a snack in the company.
At the Osteria “Il Porcellum” you will find a friendly atmosphere and a traditional setting while enjoying excellent local products: wines, cold cuts, cheeses and sweets actually coming from local producers. All products are at short chain, certified and verified by Stefano and Marino.

You can sample the unique specialties of the Val d’Orcia as our Battuta Chianina knife or let groped by platters of cold cuts of Cinta Senese PDO cheeses of the Val d’Orcia and other local delicacies. Pickles, Chianina’s bresaola, anchovies sottopesto and finally Siena’s sweets: the Cantucci, Panforte, the Peppered Bread and the Ricciarelli. You can sit right in front of the wonderful hot water spa of Bagno Vignoni and admire the beautiful landscape of the Val d’Orcia, the view of the Rocca of Tentennano and watch our specialties accompanying them with a glass of wine that you can choose from the many proposals or DOCG biological our “cellar in view.”